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At F1 AUTO CARS, we pride ourselves on being one of Singapore’s most trusted automotive companies.

We specialise in sourcing the best continental cars at reasonable prices for SIngapore car enthusiasts.

Value For Money

We pride ourselves in giving our customers the best value for money. We don't sell just any model, we only sell the ones that give value to our customers.

No obligation Consultation

Our friendly sales consultants will be happy to help you make the right choice - Visit our showroom today

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Our team wants to be of service to you!

Get in touch with us at +65 6250 6696 or send us an enquiry to get professional advice.

Why choose F1 autos to buy your next car?

F1Autos lists a wide range of state of the art,  automobiles in order to help you find the vehicle that you have been looking for, we source, customize and deliver new and used vehicles. F1Autos ensures our used vehicles are history inspected; so you can purchase the right car with confidence.

Search for the best used and new cars, we have hundreds of vehicles at our locations through Singapore for you to choose from. Whether you're looking for huge savings, second hand cars or a brand new one. F1 Autos is your one stop shop.


"Your Dream Driven With Passion"

One of the fastest growing car sites for cars in Singapore

F1Autos is one of the fastest growing car sites in Singapore. We have a large listing of new as well as used automobiles. Which includes luxury cars that are difficult to find elsewhere, such as: Bentley’s and Rolls Royce, or choose from a range of popular manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes. If these options seem a little out of budget, we offer a range of affordable vehicles such as Mazda, Honda and Chevorlet.

Search for your dream vehicle by colour, model, manual and/or price range to find the perfect automobilet that perfectly caters to your needs. Our expert team is just a click away if you require any kind of assistance.


"Catering to your motoring needs"


F1Auto Cars are an established car dealership based in Singapore. Founded by a team of car enthusiasts, F1Autos stands as one of Singapore’s most trusted new and old car dealer. We are dedicated towards ensuring that our customers return satisfied and pleased with our customer service and  by the quality of our products.

Whether you are searching for a luxurious Bentley or an affordable Mazda our platform allows you to search and discover the car you desire. We offer parallel imports, car number plates, car finance, car insurance, car valuation and repair.

Why Choose F1Autos?

Thinking about buying a new car? Here’s why you need to make F1Auto your favorite car dealer:

F1Auto is driven by quality and impeccable customer service. We cater to everyone, whether you’re buying on a budget or looking for a luxury car we have it all and that too at competitive prices.

We pride ourselves with attention to detail and offer one on one customer support to make your car buying experience less stressful. Our team of experts ensure that your experience at F1autos is as smooth as the car you’ll be driving home. Our support staff is the industries finest, from our team of engineers to support staff, they all work day in and day out to ensure a smooth and satisfactory consumer experience at F1Autos and no, we don’t disappear once the sale has been executed we stick by you offering after sales services such as: repairs, handling accident claims and other modifications that may be necessary.


Looking to buy or wanting to sell?

F1Autos invites you to the ultimate buying experience. Be spoilt for choice we have a wide range of cars available to suit our customers individual needs. Our highly skilled staff will assist you in making a decision, we understand that purchasing a car is a stressful decision and it’s not a purchase that can easily be undone, that’s why our highly trained experts are at your service to make sure you make the right decision. We have a team of engineers who can offer you detailed guidance. F1 Autos also has its own state of the art car service workshop.

F1 autos also offer financing, warranties and part exchange.

If you want to use our extensive database to sell your vehicle we can also offer you this service you’re vehicle will be thoroughly examined to see if there are any issues that may constitute a lower price for the vehicle. We will then work on mending these issues so we can provide you maximum returns

Here is the step by step process:

  • Thorough inspection.
  • Valated
  • Your car will be photographed.
  • These images will be used In various publications to promote the sale of your car.
  • We will deal with all enquiries regarding the car and show the vehicle to those interested.
  • The necessary funds will be transferred to you after three days.



We serve clients across the globe

We are Singapores leading car dealers. We export our prestigious range of automobiles across the globe. We serve clients Asia to Europe. We offer a wide range of choices for used and new cars, available at the best price and at your doorstep in a short period of time.

We are enthusiastic and reliable

We have an expert team of enthusiastic and reliable individuals to ensure our client receives support at every step of their car buying process. F1autos are firm believers of quality and all our cars are reliable because this is our motive “Reliable is our middle name” F1Auto Cars is your one stop shop for all your automotive needs, we encourage buyers to contact us if they require any support because we love to help.


Our mission is to create a Consumer experience that is par excellence. Customer satisfaction Is our number one priority. We will deliver exceptional quality cars and service. We will not be driven by money, but by passion, commitment and enthusiasm.


We see ourselves as Singapores top auto dealers who function on ethics and

integrity. We will strive to exceed our customers expectations because we believe that customers always come first.

Our values

“One of the most crucial aspects of a thriving business are its values.”

  • At F1Autos we believe that “customer is always right” isn’t just a saying, but a practical work ethic that we firmly stand by.
  • We believe in being innovative by providing our clients with a plethora deals and automobiles.
  • We build relationships that last forever.
  • Ethics and morals stand before sales.
  • Customer satisfaction is our motto.