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Selling your car? Leave it to us!

F1 Autos have an extensive database of car sellers and car buyers, if you want to sell your car without the stress of finding customers and undergoing paperwork, let us do the dirty work. Consign your vehicle to F1Autos and we will sell it on your behalf via car consignment we will ensure that we find you the best price and sell your vehicle hassle free.

Leave your car in our showroom, but retain the ownership until it has been transferred to a new owner, we have a team of professional, highly trained sales representatives that will handle your car consignment for you.

From taking pictures, to advertising, managing inquiries and handling all the paperwork our experts are trained to undertake all relevant tasks to ensure your car sells at the best price, so you can sit back, relax and leave the stress to us.

Is your vehicle in poor condition? No need to worry! F1Autos has your back we will even undergo the necessary touch ups and grooming for you in order to get you the best offer

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up! Contact us for more details regarding your car consignment.

Here’s how the car consignment process works:

The minute you drop off your car at our showroom, your baby is in good hands, so there is nothing to worry about and just leave the rest to us, we’ll send you the cheque equal to the sale of the car after subtracting a minor fees once the sales has been made, it’s easy as that just leave the car and wait for your cheque.

As privately selling vehicles is becoming time consuming and stressful, there has been a growing trend in car consignment, if you have ever been a private vehicle seller, you will be well aware of the hassles that are associated with trying to get your vehicle off the block, we at F1Autos will endure this task for you. We have a team of highly trained professionals that have all the product knowledge and know how to negotiate the perfect price, our representatives will meet the buyers  and even resolve issues regarding financing and contracts on your behalf, our experts are equipped with skills and training to resolve the various factors that may make the sales process complicated.


How does car consignment work?

Following is a step by step guide of the process of consigning your vehicle:

What is the Market value of your vehicle?

F1 Autos will initiate the process of determining the value of your vehicle, this will be done through conducting an appraisal. Our team of professional vehicle engineers, sales representatives and dealers will have a thorough look at your vehicle’s interior and exterior, including mileage and engine. They will then assess the condition of the car and ask you a few questions to determine its history, finally, they will asses its marketability and present to you their evaluation of the car’s value.

Traditionally, this will be the value you will sell your car at but with car consignment , this value is the minimum price the experts believe they can get for your car, the expert sellers will always try to go beyond the estimated price and try to get in a few $100 extra for you.

Finding the buyer

Once the value of your vehicle has been determined, our experts will then market your vehicle to potential customers. This means that they want to make a quick sale, but at the perfect price, we have a professional team of customer service representatives, who know how to deal with customer queries, your vehicle is in safe hands because at F1 Autos we believe in sheer professionalism. Our website reaches out to over 1000s of car enthusiasts and potential customers.

We will photograph your vehicle and place it on to our website in order for it to reach our database of 1000’s, if necessary, we will even service and upgrade the vehicle to make it more presentable and raise it’s market value.


Selling at the right price

So, we’ve already evaluated how much the car is worth, now we’re getting offers for the car. Our consignment professionals know the market really well and will ensure that they obtain the highest possible value of your car but before we finalize the deal we will ask you if you agree with the offer. You also need to keep in mind that we will retain a small percentage of the selling price of the vehicle, this is a minor fee, we consider it a token for all the hard work we do to sell your car.

Our fees are usually 10-20% of the sale price of the car, please make sure you discuss the fees with our customer service representative beforehand.

We handle all the paperwork

The reason why so many people are tilting towards car consignment instead of the traditional ways of selling is because car consignment offers one major benefit; a stress free sales transaction. Our experts will handle everything for you, from inquiries to negotiations to paperwork, leave it all to us.

Car sales can be time consuming because you need to offer test drives, answers to queries, this is why it’s best to leave the work to the professionals. We will manage the negotiations, the test drives, the inquiries and all the paperwork on your behalf. We offer a valuable service  and will directly answer to all the queries that arise from your car sales, so you can sit back and relax, whilst we do all the dirty work for you. All you need to do is pick up your cheque when it’s ready


Transferring the car sale

Car consignment isn’t just convenient for car sellers it is also efficient for car buyers too, it is a safe way of buying a consignment car, as we protect our sellers and also our buyers, we have a reputation to maintain.

We help our buyers arrange arrange a loan to buy the car they wish to purchase.  Furthermore, our service doesn’t stop at the time of the sale, we offer after sales services such as repairs that fall under warranties.

We ship the vehicle directly to the buyer’s address, which means an ever wider database of sellers.


F1 Autos aims to make the car selling and buying process as easy as possible, we take care of negotiations, paperwork and shipping, so both our buyers and sellers can enjoy some peace of mind while we do all the work for them. We bring to you a level of professionalism and a one of a kind service that cannot be obtained anywhere else. We want to maximize your profit and provide you a safe buying journey.

If you believe auto consignment works well for you, contact our customer service representatives know they will provide you a free vehicle appraisal. Don’t hesitate to ask any question, we are here to help!

The biggest advantage of car consignment is security, for both buyer and seller. Private selling means having random people visit your house and asking if they could take your car for a test drive, how could you trust the person testing your car or how can you trust a person who places an advert in the newspaper to visit their house and return safe? These are the insecurities that you can forgo when it comes to car consignment. Another advantage is that the car dealer will place the price of the car on the bumper and you can negotiate if you wish, but most people will believe it is a fixed price.

Buyers can obtain amazing financing deals through professional car sellers, which isn’t going to happen through private car sales. F1 Autos requires the consignor to pay a 90 day warranty for the vehicle in order to give the buyer a sense of security and some protection, the vehicle also goes through a security inspection to ensure that there are no major problems with the car and the consigned vehicle won’t have to go back and forth with repairs and checks.

How long will I have to wait for the car to sell?

On average, it takes about 15-40 days for the vehicle to sell, our extensive database makes it easier for us to sell your vehicle swiftly. Once you leave the vehicle at our showroom we will look after it as our own, this means servicing the vehicle twice a week, washing the car and checking for any repairs and maintenance that the vehicle may need to undergo.  If you don’t wish to wait this long you can simply just sell the car to us.

Are there any requirements for car consignment?

We take any car as long as it is in good condition, this means that as long as we cannot foresee any long term problems with the car we will have no issues assigning the car to consignment. The types of vehicles we take on are various and include:

Luxury cars, exotic cars, parallel imports, SUVs, coupe, classics and all sorts.

Consign your vehicle with F1 autos today, contact our highly trained customer support representatives to answer any queries that you may have in regards to car consignment. Your car is in good hands when with F1Autos we promise to offer you the best price in the market and undertake extensive measure to ensure the sale of your car at the best price. We will take good care of your vehicle. Leave the job to us!


We look forward to hearing from you contact us, today!


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