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We, the leading and trustworthy car dealer and importer in Singapore, get you the most affordable car loans for your new and used cars. Our new and pre-owned cars service lets you compare your desired models side by side and see what others have paid for the same. Shopping your dream car with us not only gets you exclusive discounts but you can also avail services like car insurance, car loans and others. Save time and effort by getting everything you need for your car buying experience.


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Afraid of heavy down payment terms or expensive interest rate? You should not, as our car loan service for new and used cars in Singapore helps you get the best deals, with rates as lowest as possible. Leveraging our extensive network of renowned financial institutions and banks nation-wide, our expert advisors bring the most competitive car loans both for new and used cars in the shortest possible time.
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Why Loan with Us?

Unlike others, we don’t take a commission out of the loans issued to our customers. Our strong and long-term relationship with nation’s top financial services providers and lenders helps us to offer you the optimal car loans well-aligned with your budget. With us, you get:

  • Speedy credit processing due to our extensive network with lenders
  • Advisors having extensive experience in Singapore’ auto loan industry
  • The cheapest and fastest loans both for new and used cars
  • Free of charge and free of administration fee car loan service
  • Facilitation for LTA, bank transactions and all legal documentation
  • Service for car seller full settlement with ownership transfer


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Just apply for our car loan service online or give a call at +65 62506696 to talk to our representative and get offers for car loans with flexible terms and payment options. With our simple and streamlined approval process, apply for auto loans nationwide instantly, get pre-approved and start the process, anywhere, anytime.