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Do you know your car number is also a form of investment? Numbers bring success and having a nice car registration number not only gives you satisfaction but in today’s brand and status-conscious society having an increasing number of enthusiasts competing for the best car number plates, a personalized car number also gives a sense of pride.
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Car registration, titles and car number plates are our specialty services. Avoid frustration waiting on the long line at the LTA office. We exclusively offer all auto services, with a legally established link with the car registration authority in Singapore i.e. LTA. Get your dream car number plate for your dream car in a fraction of the time. Bring in the title & ID and walk out with registration and plate within a couple of minutes. And you are all set to drive your new car!


Car Number Plates for New & Used Cars Available

We serve as one-stop-shop for our customers who get their dream car easily with us, while availing the associated auto services at the same time. Whether you buy new imported car or purchase the pre-owned one, and want to have an expert advice and service to be the owner of a personalized car number, we are here to assist you. Save huge on our discounts and get cheaper car number plate options with free of cost consultation service instantly. Our industry expert advisors and consultants take care of your auto needs, budget and all legal documentation.

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