Here are some common queries on buying a car. If you have a question that doesn’t feature a response on the list below,
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What is F1 AUTO CARS ?

F1 AUTO CARS  is an established car dealership in Singapore. We have partnered with several continental car brands and we can get you the vehicle of your choice, purpose, and budget. Once you have selected a vehicle, we can arrange finance, take you through the registration process, and even have the car delivered at your doorstep.

Why buy from us as opposed to other agents?

We usually offer much better car options and ensure that after customisation your cars are much more pleasurable to drive – whether in the city or the long cruise! Moreover to make your car purchase smooth and hassle-free, we provide flexible financing schemes.

In short, we treat you as a V.I.P Customer.

Do all cars come with a warranty?

Yes, all our vehicles come with warranty and an option to extend your warranties once they expire.

Will I need to negotiate the price?

No. We will never over-quote the price of a car and expect customers to haggle. Our prices are among the most competitive as per industry standard and this can be verified online.

Do you provide finance?

Yes, we have a hassle-free process of obtaining car loans from banks as well as private lending companies. Our sales staff will be more than happy to walk you through the entire loan application process.

Are your finance plans flexible?

Yes. Our finance partners offer many options to suit each budget. The longer the payback period, the smaller the monthly instalment amount. Moreover, if you choose to end your finance early, you can do so by paying a pre-agreed settlement amount. Each bank has its own terms and conditions and our agents will take you through the details before you sign anything.

Will F1 AUTO CARS  help me get the paperwork done?

Yes absolutely. Our motto is to simplify the process of not just buying a car but also registering it for you. We will take you through the paperwork and all formalities required. This is especially great for a first-time car owner.

Does F1 AUTO CARS  charge any fees for its services?

No, we will not charge you any service charges. We earn from a small margin in the cost of the vehicle.

Does F1 AUTO CARS  offer any after-sales services?

Yes, we do. We handle car servicing, body repairs, modification work, spray painting, accident claims, and much more.

Are there certain tips to keep in mind before buying a car?

The most important thing is to do proper research. Buying a car can seem an overwhelming process simply because of the multitude of options available out there. Do your research online, shortlist 3 or 4 cars that might be right for you, and then head over for a test drive.

I heard leasing is cheaper than buying. Is this true?

No. In Fact, the reverse is true. Leasing a car – especially for long periods of time – often falls more costly than outright purchase.