Mercedes-Benz CLA200


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    Mercedes-Benz CLA200

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    Automatic Transmission Package

    The vehicle interior can be individually fragranced with the AIR BALANCE package. It offers four high-quality interior fragrances to suit personal preference and mood.


    The panoramic sliding sunroof ensures a particularly bright and welcoming ambience in the interior.

    It comprises an electrically operated glass sliding roof for individual ventilation of the interior and a mesh wind deflector.

    It's so powerful and superior as never before.

    The new 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLA innovates is in its infotainment system, called MBUX (Mercedes-Benz user experience) which made its debut on the A-Class but debuts more functionality here. As well the usual touch pad, touchscreen and steering wheel inputs, occupants can control various car functions with verbal commands and now gestures.

    Panoramic sliding sunroof (Premium Plus)

    This reduces draughts and wind noise when the roof is open. In addition, in bright sunlight an electric roller sunblind provides passengers with shade. The panoramic sliding sunroof has numerous useful functions for a high level of travelling comfort.


    The new CLA 200 has an initial specs of 163hp at 5,500rpm, 250Nm torque at 1,620rpm, 0-100km/h 8.2 seconds, top speed of 229km/h, CO2 125g/km (average) and 5.4L/100km fuel consumption (average).

    Taste of the future

    The new Mercedes CLA does away with the first generation vehicle's Dame Edna eyewear-inspired brake lights for more a neutral rear-end look. The car's overall aesthetic has changed via resculpted body panels.

    Slight and Light Package

    The Light and Sight package improves vehicle visibility and enhances the perceived value of the interior.