Mercedes-Benz S500


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Mercedes-Benz S500

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A broad range of other driver assistance and safety technologies

On all roads, and in all weather, the S500 is quiet, comfortable and generally effortless to live with.


Quite an Aggressive look

The Intelligent LED Light System headlamps adapt their illumination according to the road conditions, speeds, as well as the oncoming traffic

Feels exceptionally luxurious and seals the cabin from the majority of wind and noise outside.

It even pulls off the rare convertible achievement of looking great with top up or down. The roof can be raised or lowered at speeds up to 50km/h within a stately and relaxed 20 seconds.

Enhanced Features

The lever, too, initially feels counter intuitive. Lift to put the roof down and push down to put the roof up, but think of it as moving the way the roof does, and it quickly becomes second nature.

Luxurious Layout

The rest of the interior is the same stylish and luxurious layout, coloured mood-lighting included, as found in the S500

Dynamic Displays

The updated car will carry the same two 12-inches TFT displays, one in the centre of the dashboard and the other behind the new multifunction, two-spoke wooden steering wheel.

TFT Display

The steering assistant component of Distronic-Plus, and 12 inches displays that aims to keep the car in the centre of a attraction, and makes you feel special.


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