Rolls Royce Dawn


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Rolls Royce Dawn

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Dawn Inspired by Fashion

Dawn Inspired by Fashion blends timeless, hand-crafted touches with more contemporary twists.


Couture like never before

Rolls-Royce Dawn is an attitude it shares with some of the world’s most celebrated, avant-garde fashion designers.

Forever in style

The appeal of high-end fashion is undoubtedly its ability to combine exquisite hand-crafting and enduring style principles
with a contemporary twist.

Feel every moment

Dawn is a joyous assault on the senses. An effortless, yet exhilarating expression of absolute freedom.

Reconnect People

The beautiful abandon of letting go and embracing the spontaneity of any given moment.

Reawaken your senses

Immerse yourself in the moment and experience the thrill of a motor car that reinvigorates body and soul.

All in details

Step inside and the Bespoke features of this unique motor car evoke the same attention to detail as an exquisitely tailored piece. The Design team mastered specialist methods for Dawn Inspired By Fashion.


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