Changing A Flat Tire of Your Car

Changing A Flat Tire of Your Car

When you experience a flat tire, and if you don’t know how to change it with your spare wheel, you would probably feel disappointed. You can, however, change it yourself by using a few simple tires changing tools. Changing a tire is perhaps an easy task, and everyone should know a common idea involved behind changing the tire.

Securing your car to avoid rolling it

Always change the tire at a flat surface and avoid using an incline plain or hill to improve the car tire. It is better to use wooden wedges, bricks, or even metal wheel chocks to hold the wheels at the reverse side of the vehicle from the end that is to be elevated.

Remove the wheel cover

Initially, you got to remove the wheel cover off using a screwdriver. Then, insert the point of the tool where its edge of the cover comes across the wheel, there smear a slight force. The cap will easily pop off and perform this in a pair of spaces as if you were removing the lid off a paint can.

Loosing off the lug nuts

Use the specific side of the wrench that fits the lug nuts on your vehicle and tries losing them all, and fit it onto the first nut. You might recognize this as flouting the lug nuts. Smear entire of your weight to the rod on the left to open. This will begin turning the nut counterclockwise, which unties it. Avoid to remove the lug nuts entirely; merely get them unfastened sufficient to get rid of by hand soon after you jack up the car. A hollow type of pipe and a wrench cross-shaft can release the close-fitting lug nuts.

Mount the vehicle using jack

Take out the jack carefully put it under the edge of your vehicle carefully and lift your car. Suitable locations may differ among the models of vehicle, so refer the manual for the right space to put the jack beneath the spaces. Take the jack grip from its lowest space to its highest one on each stroke cut down on the labor tangled.

Removing off the flat tire

Take the lug nuts entirely off using your hand and keep them safe inside the wheel cover to place back. Hold the flat tire with your both hands and tug it right towards you. It will slide along the bolts until it vibrant the end of the bolts, and you will find yourself helping its complete weight. Now, roll the flat tire along the ground to keep it in the boot of the car, and you can mend it at the tire shop later on.

Lift the wheel onto the lug bolts

Roll out the spare wheel, and you may probably have slight trouble lifting away the spare wheel into the boot because the tires are heavy; mainly if you are not familiar to handling heavy things.

Tighten the lug nuts

Now place each lug nut in the specific jolt using the wrench to acquire it resolutely into place, however, pause until the vehicle is on the ground before you truly effort to tighten the lug nuts.

Lower the car and tighten the lug nuts

After the car is landed on the ground on its wheels, take the lug wrench to immensely tighten the lug nuts as much as possible to make sure complete safety.

Replace the wheel cover back

Your car’s flat tire has been replaced and if your car has a wheel cover, with a slight finish, the manual should offer instructions for substituting it. If your car has a wheel cap, place it against the tire and whack it into space using the heel of your hand. Then, cushion your hand with a soft rag initially so to avoid any accidents. Never smash the wheel cap with a hammer a wrench you will probably dent it.


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