Common car buying Mistakes You Must be Aware Of

Common car buying Mistakes

Buying a new car? Bet your over the moon, right? Are you a first time buyer? Well, this is going to be a process much more complex than you think, even if this isn’t your first car buying experience there are still many factors that you must take into consideration to make sure you make the perfect choice because according to research 7/10 car buyers instantly regret their decision as soon as the purchase has been made and undoing such a decision isn’t easy. Here are six common car buying mistakes that people often make whilst making their exiting new purchase.

Emotional Decisions

Often car buyers fall in love with the way a car looks and instantly decide to buy it, when there are thousands of dollars at stake, making an emotional decision is not recommended. It is important to look at each and every aspect of the car before you make the final deal. Make sure the car is reliable, it is safe, thoroughly read into the pricing information and options. Keep your eyes open and don’t fall into the salesman’s traps. In order to determine the best vehicle for you, put emotions aside and focus on which car is practically best for you because an emotional decision is going to be one you regret later.

Take that test drive

Not taking test drives is a common  mistake many car buyers make when buying a new car, however, the test drive is one of the most important aspects of the car purchasing procedure. Cars look good in brochures, they look good in the showroom when they’re polished and glossed for the customer, but will it measure up to expectation when you take it for a drive? Is it as sleek and smooth as it looks? That’s a question you can only determine once you’ve taken the car for a ride. It’s of utmost important that you test the car for an ample amount of time, sit inside it and see are you comfortable, is the ride smooth?

Buying from the first dealer you come across

This is the worst and probably the most common mistake car buyers make. So you just visited the closest car dealer to your house, he seemed like a nice chap, offered you a cup of tea and a “guaranteed lowest price” and you seem eager to buy this never to miss offer which is going to last no longer than an hour.

Don’t fall for it!

Every dealer is going to use the cliché “guaranteed lowest price. Take a stroll around the area and visit a number of car dealers, see which one is offering the best package as a whole. That means the best car price as well as ad ons such car mats and insurance, etc. don’t just stop there have a look online at what other dealers are offering and then chose the best dealer with not just the best price but the best package as a whole.

Negotiate the price

The sticker price of the car isn’t the final price you should settle for when making a purchase, try to negotiate with the dealer, bring him/her down by a couple of $100 dollars. The dealer is trained to sell to you so remember any price he/she offers can be lowered, so try your luck and see how far they will go.  Try to work out their profit margin and offer them a price that is realistic.


We hope this list of common mistakes car buyers make can be of help to you, follow the tips mentioned above to avoid a purchase you may regret later.
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